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    Our subsidiary was created in 2018 in Brussels to serve both Wallonia and Flanders.
    We cover EPC projects, Maintenance / Supervision on site and more BAU related activities.
    We are specialized in Petrochemiclas, Chemicals, Food and Industrial projects.

    We provided talented and high-skilled people.

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    EPC Projects

    Our achievements

    We have worked on several projects in the petrochemicals, chemicals, food and industrial sectors.

    Green energy from wood in Antwerp

    Our clients are building an innovative waste-to-energy facility that converts wood waste into energy. E-Wood can treat 150,000 to 180,000 tonnes of uncontaminated treated wood waste per year, whereby green energy is generated.

    Biodiesel plant in Bolivia

    We are working with the world specialist in oilseed and edible oil processing plants, delivering tailor-made engineering and procurement services. In Bolivia, the Biodiesel-1 Plant will be built with advanced technology equipment that will be manufactured in Europe, Asia, Brazil and other countries in order to reduce imports and subsidies for diesel.

    Nuclear fuel & waste management

    Our client provides reliable solutions for managing the back-end of the nuclear power cycle for commercial nuclear power plants. The storage systems provide confinement, radiation shielding, structural integrity, criticality control and heat removal for used nuclear fuel. They are built in the USA and they are intended for the Belgium market.