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    250 Tanjong Pagar Road

    (+65) 6970 1350

    Singapore Team

    ANOTECH, an ALTEN company in SINGAPORE

    Sitting at the heart of the world’s most dynamic economic region, Singapore has positioned itself as a hub for innovation and R&D. In this environment, ALTEN through its subsidiary ANOTECH operating since 2015, offers its expertise to local and international companies active in all major market sectors: Energy, Life Sciences, Industry, Defense, Transportation, and IT.

    As a leader in Technology Consulting and Engineering, ANOTECH supports its clients and partners in designing and building their technical solutions to deliver and grow their businesses in the region and beyond. We value having an active role to develop state-of-art technologies that will contribute to the resonance of the local economy around the world.

    Key Figures

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    Our achievements

    Here are some of the major projects we have been involved in. We accompany the global leaders of the energy & infrastructure industry.

    LNG Exploitation

    A major LNG project in Israel with a field that is expected to provide the highest yield of liquid per volume of produced gas and is the closest discovery to shore.

    Bio Diesel Refinery Extension

    1.4 billion euros were invested to expand the Singapore refinery, which will increase Neste’s renewable products production capacity by 1.3 million ton/a, bringing the total global renewable product capacity close to 4.5 million ton/a when the expansion is completed in 2023.